Thursday, 3 April 2014


"B-U-T-A-N is simply a re-arrangement of letters of the word B-A-N-T-U. The brand name pays homage to our roots and heritage while the re-arrangement of the letters signifies a changed, entirely new mind set and outlook on life in contemporary South Africa. It is this fusion between cultural heritage and the present day experience that creates the unique look and feel of the brand." An extract taken from the ABOUT page on the new Butan website.

Thought I'd do a young throw back to just last week! BUTAN silenced quite few haters by dropping their brand new website, BUTAN WEAR :: HEED THE CALL! The website is quite crisp and has a fresh vibe about it. It is extremely easy to navigate your way around the site that's filled with some really dope content from the local streetwear brand. The pictures used for the site are pretty dope too, thoroughly enjoyed the LOOKBOOKS, definitely keen on seeing next one!

The best part of the new site has to be the STORE, a little bit (or a lot) of online shopping never hurt anyone! The look of the online store is appealing to the eye and I love how in symmetry the items are displayed. BUTAN have also really paid attention to detail, by just hovering your mouse over an image, it shows you close ups and different views of the items. The navigation, once again is a win, I just love the categories in which you can sort the items into.... "default", "newness" and of course, price, "high to low" or "low to high." It may be a small touch, but this simple tool makes it extra convenient for the site visitor.

Major props go out to team BUTAN for their brand new website, they've done a superb job! Definitely raising the benchmark as far as websites and online stores go, especially for local streetwear brands. Awesome to see such growth locally! I saw quite a few items that I like, so I'll definitely be logging on again! I'm repping the BUTAN BRAVEHEART 5 PANEL in this post. To purchase one for yourself, click HERE alternatively, view your nearest stockist HERE