Tuesday, 9 April 2013


I had previously posted about the first Head Honcho party of 2013, #PowerTrip06April It was definitely a night to remember and I was definitely left impressed by the honcho's for throwing such an AMAZE party (AGAIN). Gents looked fresh and the ladies dressed their best. I kept it real, and rocked my Head Honcho booty shorts with my jays.
Upon entering Trinity, a posh and large venue in Greenpoint, VIP guests received a goodie bag. The goodie bag included a GQ mag, a stylish Remy Martin glass,a can of Play, and a fresh looking Play vest. My FAVE part of the goodie bag was the R100 Head Honcho discount voucher for their online store. I'm definitely going to make good use of that one!

As big as Trinity was, so many Honcho's turned up and filled the venue. The VIP section even got too tight and as a result, we spent most of our night on the dancefloor. And we made no mistake by making this decision! Lulo got us jaaaaamming!!! His set was absoloooooootley beauts and it reminded my friends and myself why we love house music so much! Nothing commercial, Lulo kept it real and deep... WE LOVE YOU LULO! haha!

Now what seemed a bit odd, was the "surprise performance." There were two mics on stage so many assumed it would be AKA or Khuli Chana since they were in town. Fanatic comes on stage and we all were sure sure that AKA was gonna perform, but alas...this was not the case.
So we'll never know who the surprise performance was meant to be, but the night was definitely owned by DJ Naves and SPHEctacula. The club was literally jumping! We shall not speak about the girls that bounced on the stage...that was just nasty! Naves and Sphe were oooon point though! They played hip hop... to Big Nuz to that ooooold school kwaito! We were even doing the Bart at one point *face palm*
 Once again, the night may not have gone as planned for the Head Honcho team, sans the "surprise performance," but nobody missed it because it was such a fun night out. So props to the Head Honcho team. It was another night for the awesome memory books! The pics taken on the night will probaly be posted on their Facebook soon so stay tuned. 
See you at the next one! #allLOVE #HHarmy #HHwinter

The beautiful Nangi

The crowd was abuzz all night!

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