Wednesday, 29 January 2014


As the end of January approaches, I thought I'd make my first post for the year a subtle one (no turn up here). The month has flown by so quickly, before we know it, it will be the festive season again. I am extremely excited for the year ahead and all the new challenges I'll be facing. 2013 taught me so much! Made some awesome new friends and experienced quite a few life lessons. I'll remain remembering the aaaaaawesomest ups, rather than
those crappy downs
There are some amaaaaaaazing creatives doing some even more amaaaaazing things for our local streetwear game, definitely upping the standards locally! Spotted some dope and unique local brands, definitely looking forward to sharing all of this with you! If you know any awesome up and coming local streetwear  brands, be sure to let me know!
*Stands on a soap box... in my case, a plastic crate* In 2014 I will remain passionate about our local streetwear industry. Remain passionate about being creative. And most of all, remain passionate about being me! There's only one life to live, so we may as well live it yo!

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