Wednesday, 13 March 2013


The last time I blogged was waaaaay back when. So this feels all so weird. My previous blog was called Strip Tees, Put it on. It was a blog about local streetwear, something I'm extremely passionate about. I unfortuanately lost interest and found it difficult to keep it up to date. So this is me...trying ish out again... the first post is me of my highest points last year, The Play Energy Drink Griffin Sessions, which took place last year. I took part in the Head Honcho T-shirt design competition, I didnt win, but it was definitely an experience I will never forget.

All the magic happend at the old Bus Factory in Newtown, JHB. A weekend of local talent showcasing SA's best streetwear, performers, DJ's and even photographers.

I had tremendous support from my family and friends who have grown to be my family. (THANK YOU) I had to make the T-shirts from scratch. Design it, purchase matierial, sew up the T shirt, have it printed, a fun and stressful process but it was oh so worth it!


The many displays that was being showcased.

Screen printing workshops for visitors to try out.

How cool are these doors???

The Head Honcho set up was soooo HOTTT! #HHarmy #CAMO

The local threads that were on display. #localbaby

Other entrants designs.

My designs. I was so proud *tear*

The weekend I learnt about DJ Kenzhero #legend. Here are some of the other dope performer's.

That bitter sweet moment that I didn't win #sadpanda

So much of style. LOVE!

More style pics. Still LOOOOVE!

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