Wednesday, 26 June 2013


As I've posted before, the HONCHO'S are going iiiin this Saturday at #DimesandHonchos29June. They're taking over two cities in one night and it's all happening at the vibey Chez Temba. What I love about Honcho paties is how many people attend and most importantly looking fresh. #proper

If you unsure on what to wear though...once again, the Honcho's have got you covered! They've recently just launched their winter range and will have you looking toooo nice out at #DimesandHonchos29June. Havent seen the new range range? Under what rock have you been hiding! ? !  (LOL! Juuust kidding)  
On the real though, have a look at  a few the honcho winter  look book snaps! #tooFRESH Max did such a brilliant job! Items can be purchased at Sportscene or Shesha or the easy peasy HEAD HONCHO ONLINE STORE.

How gorge are these leggings???

So keen on getting this peak #HHarmy Cant wait for it to drop!

The Beanies are so cool! Only available at the Head Honcho online shop.

 If you'd like to view the full look book and story line simply visit the Head honcho site HERE to read all about it. What's also quite jhits is the Winter Look Book Video. Props goes out to Zunaid of SUM SAY COOL for doing a damn good job on the video! As per norm.  As previously posted, tickets are available at SHESHA (Canal Walk, CPT) & STRATO (Long St, Below Neighbourhood, CPT) for R80 each!

Hope to see you at #DimesandHonchos29June

Come looking fresh!




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