Sunday, 14 July 2013


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I'm such a fan of local music at the moment! And a song that I loooooove listening to and singing along to is Mathew Gold feat AKA, No Ordinary Guy. Its playlisted on local radio stations and gets quite a bit of airplay. It's so mellow and easy on the ears!  The music video is just as smooth as the track, check the dapper looking gentlemen doing their thang HERE. *fans self* Mathew's quite a cuuutie!

 Whats also quite cool is that SA's hip hop prince, AKA, also features on the track. Nice to hear AKA on a chilled out vibe. AKA is featuring on quite a few other local tracks these days.   Always awesome to see local musicians collaborating with others... definitely encouraging growth! 

#SPOTTED this pic on a friends FB profile ... looks dope..had to steal and share! (SORRY)  Tad bit of #STALKERtendancies but hey *shrugs*

Give it a listen 


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