Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I spotted a little shoppee a few months back while out clubbing with some friends. I had never noticed it before, but that night, I just chilled in front of the store's window trying to spot something cool, it look so intriguing! When  I returned to Henry a few days later, to have a look at what the store was about, I was quite impressed. Its raw walls showcase some pretty awesome pictures of friends! Housing fashion from SA, Denmark & London, including their own brand, Modern Geeks! Their clothing is definitely something different but oh so brilliantly unique!

As luck would have it, Work's Kak were running one of their usual competions to win a R400 store voucher, and of course I entered! Its always lovely to win things, nothing like a good free rand ninety nine purchase! Needless to say, I was tooootally stoked on winning! So... I was quite happy to return to the store again!

Local in house brand Modern Geeks #heartLOCAL

What's in the bag??? 

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