Thursday, 24 October 2013


After winning a voucher for the Henry store, I decided to purchase two locally made items #heartLOCAL. I saw some really cool five panel caps, but these two were my fave and made by the ever growing brand that is Swede & CROWE. Swede and CROWE are based in JHB and have quite a few stockists. I first learned about them while shopping at THE LOT.  They have plenty of fun and quirky designs, and because of the design, I love that no two printed panels are the same. What makes this brand even hotter, is that the front peak isnt too long and the fit is superb... even on a girl (We gotsta look BADASS too!) 

However, it doesn't end there! Swede and CROWE also make shoes, shorts and shirts. It looks absolutely amaaaaazing when its all worn together! Been  keeping tabs on their Facebook page, and the summer range looks just as "BADASS!" Totallaaay inlove with the shoes and cant wait to see their Pork Pie Hat in stores! #JHITS 

My cute lil Gummi Bear 5-Panel.

Nothing like some flower power.

Since this is an addiction and I simply can not get enough, I had to had to had to return to Henry and purchase this badboy. It's the Legion Cap. Something totally different, yet so fly! #LOVE


A L W A Y S ! ! 



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